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Imagine this...

You're standing in line waiting to buy tickets for the movies. Your arm is pubic shaving pictures around your petite girlfriend as she continues her mindless chatter. Chatter of which you tuned out since you picked her up. With a toss of her strawberry blonde hair, you're snapped back into reality as she asks you another inane question. Mumbling a reply, she continues with her annoying conversation. It is at that precise moment you see her. Starting from the bottom, you stare at her shapely calves hidden beneath brick red platform knee-high go-go boots. Your eyes travel up her long legs to her childbearing hips, up to the best pair of tits you have ever seen, full and voluptuous, her nipples seemingly gets hard as soon as free mature shaved pussy eyes connect. You can get a peek of her cleavage through her tight fitting V-neck bodice of her midnight black dress that stopped an inch or two above her knees.

Up, up, up your shaven men travel, locking with her almond shaped, coal black eyes. You can see the hint of a smile twinkling in her eyes as you drop your eyes to her full lips, shimmering beneath her lip gloss. You look at her lips as she shave pubic hair licks them with her pink tongue. You smile to yourself as you think those are the best DSL Dick Sucking shaved clit gallery you have ever seen. anal picture sex shaved hand slips innocently down her breasts as if to brush off some unseen lint, instead her slender fingers tweak her nipples for you. You quickly look around to see if anyone, more importantly your girlfriend, is watching this woman shamelessly flirt with you. You begin shifting from side to side trying to adjust your growing erection. You faintly hear your girlfriend tell the cashier what mature shaved you shaving pussy pictures to see.

"Honey pay the lady." Your girlfriend whines. Quickly you pay for the tickets so that the mystery woman doesn't get too far ahead. Your girlfriend insists on buying snacks much to your chagrin and the mystery woman disappears in the crowd, pics gallery shaved vagina you swear under your breath.

'Well at least I can feel up my girlfriend in the movies.' You think to yourself, wishing that your girlfriend wasn't such a prude. You walk down the aisle, seeing a dark row in the back perfect to make out with your ice princess. You wait until the previews come on before you make your move. Taking her hand, you slide it over the bulge in your lap.

"Not here honey, good girls don't do that." she whispers, recoiling her hand as if your cock was indeed a trouser snake.

'Shit' You think to yourself, sitting back, dejected.
free pictures shaved pussy me, can I get over to that seat, please." a voice whispers. You look up in disbelief.

'No way, it can't be' Standing there, holding a soda, with the straw stuck between her lips like a little cock, is the mystery woman. Standing up, you let her squeeze by. Thankfully, it's a scary part of the shaved cock sex and your girlfriend's pretty little face is buried under your coat. The mystery woman brushes past you, letting you get a shaved male feel of her firm ass. Her hand gives your cock a healthy squeeze, body art tatoos shaving you gasp. She sits there, opposite of your girlfriend, making obscene, yet very arousing gestures with that damn straw, making you squirm in your free pussy shaving movie

"Sorry to be such a pain, but can I get by again?"

Your girlfriend stands this time to let her pass and you watch that ass sashay up the aisle and to the double doors. She pauses thumbnails shaved pussy turning around and sees you watching. She blows you a kiss with those DSL, making parts of your anatomy strain beneath your khakis. You wait for another ten minutes to pass before you lean over and tell your girlfriend that you're going to the restroom. She nods her head, her vacant eyes never leaving the shaved mature You hurry out of the theater and head for the lobby. Your eyes scan the lobby, making your frown a bit. The mystery woman was no where to be seen.

"Fareinheit, right?" a voice calls out. You turn around and there she is, leaning against the shaved pussie pubic shaving photos arms akimbo, her ankles crossed. You walk over towards her, taking her into your arms. Snaking her arms around shaved girl neck, she plants a toe-curling-hair straightening-soul scorching kiss. Her mouth tasted like cherry dildo masturbation slurpee, sweet and sticky is her tongue as it dances in your mouth. Kissing her is like no other experience you ever had. Her mouth seems like its making love to your mouth.

Taking your hand, she leads you to this small alcove, the door has a sign on that says "Restricted Access", but that doesn't stop her. Opening the door, you see the room is dimly lit and sparsly furnished. More specifically, the room contains a stool, a broom, and a mop and bucket. Once the door closes, you tear into each other. Kissing feverishly, her hands expertly frees your cock, sliding up and down your heated flesh. Her mouth draws your tongue inside as she sucks on your tongue in time with picture free thumbnail shaved pussy strokes on your cock. You can't believe that a woman could be this hot and she's only kissing me. You wonder briefly why your girlfriend can't be a fraction of a splinter like this. Dropping to her knees, she takes your cock in her mouth, swallowing your length with shaving how naturist greatest of ease.

"Oh shit!" You hiss as your cock gay cock shaved balls effortlessly back and forth in her throat. You think about how your girlfriend never deep throats your cock, how she's always complaining about how its too big, too thick. But not this girl, she attacks your cock like a starving shaved pussie madwoman. Sucking hard, her teeth grazing up and down the shaft. You can feel the cum brewing in your tight balls and you know that if she keeps this up that your gonna naturism shaved She seems to know Shaving Pubic Hair this too and presses hard on the base of your shaved uncercomsized cocks preventing you from climaxing. Slowly she drags her hot mouth up your shaven girls making her lips a tight "O". Teasingly, she flicks her tongue over your swollen head, making you groan. Lightly, her nails scratch your tight balls as she does the small tits shaved pussy spits a wad of saliva on your cock!

You watch as a thin string of spit hangs from the tip of her tongue, connecting with your cock. She sits back, watching the goo dribble down your cock, dripping down to your boiling balls. Licking her lips, she takes your cock back in her mouth, swallowing it down her throat until her nose is buried in your pubes. Grabbing your ass with both her hands, she moves your hips back and forth, making you fuck her mouth. You can't hold on any longer and you spray her tonsils and throat with your hot cum. You can't believe it-she's swallowing your cum! She's still sucking your cock as it shoots sperm into her men who shave Your girlfriend NEVER swallows! Your knees turn into adult shaving as she slurps the last bit of cum from freepictures of shaved pussy quivering cock. Making another tight "O", sucking your cock clean as she drags her mouth off your cock. Sitting back on her heels, she licks her lips, a looks of satisfaction covers her face. shaved teen bald movies look down at shaved pussie her as you jerk your cock, making it hard again.

"I have got to fuck you now" You moan as your hand slides up and down your slippery cock. She helps you by sauntering over to the stool, sitting down, spreading her thighs and pulls up her dress. You look at her eyes wide, she's not wearing any panties! In the dim lighting of the room, you can see her obvious arousal dripping down the crack of her ass. The thought of a woman going somewhere in public not wearing underwear was so unbelievably hot! Your cock immediately jumps to attention. Standing her up, you push her over to the wall, until her back is against it. Grabbing her hips, you pick shaved pussie up, thrusting black shaved cock deep inside her soaking wet cunt.

"Fuck! You are soo fucking hot! Goddamn!" You grunt as shaved headed women piston in and out of her tight pussy. She begins contracting her muscles around your cock, squeezing the head hard as it makes it re-entry. Moaning loudly, you can't believe that her pussy is sucking your cock as good as her mouth was.

"Harder! Harder! Fuck meee harder!!!" she screams wrapping her legs tight around your waist, bucking up and down. You slam into her pussy, fucking her hard like she demanded. Your girlfriend never fucks this wild, never lets you slam your meat inside of her like this, always complaining and bitching about how your cock hurts her. Not this hellcat, she's riding your cock like a jockey in the Kentucky Derby.

"M-My ass! Fuck me in my ass!" she yells. You stop everything that your doing in pure shock. You've been with your girlfriend for over three years and she wouldn't even let you put your finger in her ass. Here you got a woman begging for your to fuck her in the ass. shaved pussy free let your cock slide out of her dripping snatch, setting her back down on her feet. She drops to her knees again, sucking your pussy juice covered shaved nudes cock.

'God this woman is fucking insatiable!' You think to yourself as she spits on your cock again, getting it good and lubed up. Shoving three fingers inside her pussy, getting them good and wet, she turns girl shaved facing the free shaved pussy picture Spreading her ass cheeks wide, she women who shave head her soaked fingers over her puckered asshole, pushing them in and out, stretching her hole. Lining the head of your cock against her anus, she buck back, impaling herself on your cock. You brace yourself against the wall as you slowly saw in and out of her tight ass. But she's having none of it and bucks back harder, driving you deeper into her bowels.

Sliding your hand between her pulsating lips, finding her hard clit, you start squeezing her button. This turns her into a wildwoman as she close up shaved teen to grind her ass on your cock, sliding her own fingers inside her pussy. You shaved pussy pictures free in shock as one, then two, then three, then four, fingers disappear in her pussy. Your eyes nearly pop out of your skull as you see her hand curl up into a tight fist inside her pussy. You can feel her knuckles rubbing against your cock beneath the thin layer of membrane separating her rectum and vagina. This is more that you female shaved pics non pornographic take and you begin bellowing as you empty another load deep inside her bowels. Her screams mingle with yours as she fists her pussy into a mind shattering orgasm. You limply lean over, supporting yourself shaved pussie on her shoulders, trying to catch your breath. Bringing her cum soaked hand up to your mouth, you suck the taste of her sweet honey from her fingers. Turning pics vagina shaved head slightly, she kisses you deeply, slipping her fingers in between your lips. Breaking the kiss, you look at her and smile.

"You are soo nasty." You pant. You suck the air between your teeth as your cock slide out from her ass.

"Watch this." she giggles, flexing her muscles, expelling a thin stream of cum trickle out of her ass. You watch and cannot believe how incredibly sexy that is. Then shaved blonde galleries a steam train, it hits you. You fucked a total stranger while your girlfriend is watching a movie! You fumble in your clothes, feeling a combination of guilt and extreme sexual satisfaction. You laugh as you watch her calmly fix her clothes and hair. Kissing you once more, she strolls out of the room. Moment later, you make your way to the bathroom and begin to try and wash the scent of sex off of. You smell your clothes and can still smell her pussy, her cum, basically, you free pics shaved her. You can't help but feel the stirrings of another erection. Trying to figure what you're shaved and naturistes tell your girlfriend, you walk out of the bathroom.
shaved teem pussy a voice calls out to you. You turn around and see her standing there, smiling. Walking over to you, she reaches in her coat pocket and pulls out a small red bottle. Liberally she sprays you and you deeply inhale the scent of Fahrenheit masking her scent. She turns and walk away before you shaved bikini ask her what her name is. You slip back into the theater just as the movie ends. Your girlfriend looks at you with the deer caught in the headlights look.

"Where were you, honey? I was so scared and all I had was your coat." she whines, her thin lip pouting.

'God shaved pussy sex shave annoying' you think to yourself.

"Um, I saw a couple of my friends out free shaved tight pussy pics the lobby and you know how we get." You lied. She smiles at you, kissing your shave pubic

"That's okay shaved uncercomsized cocks But you missed a really good movie." she says, handing you your coat. Hand and hand, you walk out of the theater. She begins her mindless chatter as you think about what just happened.

"Honey, there's a movie playing next week that I want to see. Can we come again?" she asks. Just then the mystery woman pulls up at the light. Catching your eye, she blows another kiss to you, mouthing the words "Cum again". As she speeds guide to shaving female pubic area you can see her license plate which read, 'BadGrl'

You chuckle to yourself as your girlfriend's voice snaps you shave star star to reality.

"So can we go to the movies next week?"

"Sure honey, we can come to the movies whenever you like."

Bending down to kiss her pretty mouth, you think to yourself...'Thankfully, she's not the sharpest pencil in the box'


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